Pricing - DKreger



4x6 - $2.50

5x7 - $7.00

8x10 - $10.00


8x10  - $20.00

12x12- $30.00

11x14 - $30.00

16x20 - $65.00

24x36 - $95.00

Digital Facebook Cover Collage for Sports Recruiting Page - $20.00

*The Collages containing cutouts or multiple photos will be additional due to the extra work to create them. Payment due upon receipt of photos. (Deposit is required for any poster size above 8x10) I can send an Online Payment Request via Paypal if you would like to pay via Credit Card

***Shipping will be extra***

All images in this website copyrighted by Sports Photos by Doni Kreger. All rights reserved. The images and/or text may not be copied/screen printed, transmitted, published, reproduced or used in any way without written permission.

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